About me


Boring but relevant bit:

Trained in NLP Psychotherapy 20+ years ago, & many other modalities since, while working mainly in addiction services, plus stints within mental health, homeless sector, community development and more.

Been delivering training for 10 years too, so lots of improvements.

Prior to that worked as a radio engineer so got a bit of business background too.

More fun:

Depending on what parts of my site you have seen you will hear me say I was always driven to be my best & learnt from wherever I can to see what fits. This work is my passion so I see it as no different to an athlete who wants to get to the highest level, this work is my Olympics.

I started my current career as a completely emotionally shut down ‘it’s all about them not me’ worker & have learnt that isn’t how you do your best. So my intention to help others actually was how I helped myself to heal too, but I don’t forget what it was like at the start as a lot of workers are at that stage.

I genuinely believe that everyone is good at a heart level, just had too much crap thrown at them to remember. We can help people remember so they don’t continue to harm themselves or others.

I’m a highly sensitive introvert, so have ninja skills in working & surviving in an extroverted environment, and most people who have worked with me also know how fierce (in a mostly compassionate way) I can be when defending the vulnerable so do not get in my way 🙂

I use all that I learn, good and bad, and am a sharer! I always share anything I come across that may help – from yummy food to books (lots of books) and courses.

I love figuring out how things work, & am such a creative problem solver & ideas machine so can usually find a way forward in any situation.

Anything else you will need to ask me…