Want to do more with less?

& learn what really works for all (cos  you  matter  too)

I would love to support you to achieve this using all that I learnt in 20yrs of success, and stress, while continuing to look for better ways.

The bloopers taught me just as much, and I have quite a few…(see a video of me in action here)

In essence it is that

By focusing on building safe relationships first the rest will follow:

  • more success & healing, less stress
  • more engagement, less challenging behaviour (staff and clients!)
  • more satisfaction, less staff burnout/ turnover

Overwhelming evidence supports this, and yet…when is it a priority? And how do we do it well with everyone? Do you know what a safe relationship really is?

This is not something we should leave to chance (read the why)

I cover:

  • Starting with you & how to stay your best – from the inside out
  • Understanding (& simplifying) a trauma informed approach, and what that means practically
  • Blending the 2 to create safe, effective and genuine relationships for all – where real change can happen

Practical, fun and deals with the day to day dilemmas we all face, putting theory into practise in a way that makes life easier for all…

If you really want to help people this is a must, both to keep yourself well and to do what works.

And it needn’t be complicated:

“If you can’t explain it to a 6yo, you don’t understand it yourself” Albert Einstein

Powerful. Simple. Effective. Real

It’s learning to balance power and love, boundaries and understanding.

It’s about creating a safe space so real change can happen – for staff and clients

It’s helping staff grow and be their best, confident and at ease with all situations

It’s something we need to learn and continue to master – there is no such thing as someone who has got this sorted.

I have worked this way for 20 yrs and consistently overshot targets whilst also working with clients others find too difficult to manage.

I also ran a project with this foundation and transformed it.

It works.

Guaranteed practical, relevant and fun.

 Some of the feedback given:

‘…the feedback from your training was exceptional. Staff were so inspired they have gone away and done more reading. More please’

‘Kathryn gave a presentation at the event in January and we were so impressed we asked her to come and do something similar with the admin team.’

‘Better than I could have imagined and initially I was sceptical about attending but definitely feel it was needed and used and worked.’

 ‘The training exceeded my expectations.  I thought that it might skim the surface and not get to the nitty gritty of what happens. Instead the course directly addressed the difficulties that we have found as a staff team and helped us to work together to find a way forward.’

‘Loved the sense of humour and trainer’s passion & knowledge’

 ‘Would like this to be implemented across all of company & to underpin all we do (priority of Therapeutic Alliance and self-care in how work)’