Trauma Informed Care – helping you be your best

I want to help individuals and organisations who support adults to be their best and continue to develop their capacity to cope without burning out.

Our work is about human suffering – those we serve deserve the best support, and so do our staff. Too many staff are burnt out & carrying on. That can change; it needs to change.

I worked in this area for 20 years – I know how hard it can be & the levels of distress we deal with, and the answer is not just to add resources – it’s using what we’ve got better too. I know from experience we have a lot of room for improvement there.

I use all I have learnt by working in a trauma informed way for over 10 years (the screw ups & the success 🙂 ), and in continually growing as a worker for over 20yrs so I could be more effective no matter what was going on.

I also researched & learnt from other professions, and tested what I learnt to see what works best – most of which is so far un-utilized in our services. This includes studying leadership and sports, psychology, neurology, ancient wisdom and much more.

All I need is for you to be open to see if there is a better way, and if we genuinely want to do our best for those we serve then we should be open to that. Traditionally it has all been about the external things we do & ignored how we relate, and that’s why, in part, so many staff are burnt out. 

My way won’t suit everyone but if you like what I do there is so much I want to share, so please poke around my site and contact if you want to chat.

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 Some of the feedback given:

‘…the feedback from your training was exceptional. Staff were so inspired they have gone away and done more reading. More please’

‘Kathryn gave a presentation at the event in January and we were so impressed we asked her to come and do something similar with the admin team.’

‘Better than I could have imagined and initially I was sceptical about attending but definitely feel it was needed and used and worked.’

 â€˜The training exceeded my expectations.  I thought that it might skim the surface and not get to the nitty gritty of what happens. Instead the course directly addressed the difficulties that we have found as a staff team and helped us to work together to find a way forward.’

‘Loved the sense of humour and trainer’s passion & knowledge’

 â€˜Would like this to be implemented across all of company & to underpin all we do (priority of Therapeutic Alliance and self-care in how work)’