Therapeutic Alliance Training

creating a safe space so real change can happen

Evidence shows that therapeutic alliance is the number 1 most effective thing we can do to help people change and is much more important than what we do, and yet little is taught about it let alone staff encouraged to master it.

Therapeutic alliance is creating a space that allows people to let down their defensive behaviours and trust you enough to take a risk and change, and is with every client – not just those we find easy.

Getting it right means:

  • Less stress and staff burnout
  • Better results for clients
  • Ending the cycle of pain

To do it well includes learning about:

  • The overwhelming evidence of why it matters so much
  • Self-care for staff, and learning about ourselves
  • Understanding and working with trauma
  • Dealing with people we find difficult
  • The need to constantly reflect and improve​

Please feel free to contact me to find out more about the workshops I run, which I can tailor to your needs, at or via the contact page

Example of 3-part training plan

Guaranteed practical, relevant and fun.

 Some of the feedback given:

‘Better than I could have imagined and initially I was sceptical about attending but definitely feel it was needed and used and worked.’

 ‘The training exceeded my expectations.  I thought that it might skim the surface and not get to the nitty gritty of what happens. Instead the course directly addressed the difficulties that we have found as a staff team and helped us to work together to find a way forward.’

‘Loved the sense of humour and trainer’s passion & knowledge’

 ‘Would like this to be implemented across all of company & to underpin all we do (priority of Therapeutic Alliance and self-care in how work)’