More about training

My aim is to be the best help I can be, and I will tailor my training to suit your needs. I have also studied how to deliver training in a way that is entertaining and inspiring, as well as practical and informative.

I use the latest research and techniques coupled with ancient wisdom too, and I love training and the challenge of being the most benefit I can be to you, your staff and your clients. There is always a way.

I will adapt each to the time you want – obviously the longer the training is the more indepth it can be. Minimum is usually 2-3 hours though.

All courses are around who we are as the person working with others, and it’s about balancing power and love. Understanding the pain behind the behaviour whilst still maintaining boundaries.

There are plenty of courses in interventions and what to do, this is the who does it…

Courses I offer:

  • Therapeutic Alliance
  • Dealing with people we find difficult
  • Working with trauma
  • Self Care & Self Development

There’s a lot of cross over in these so let me know your needs and I will adapt!


I want this to be accessible so charge £55phr, with an hour added for prep each half day, ie. for a 3 hours course it will be 4 x 55 = £220

If I travel more than an hour I will add on travel costs too, and any other reasonable expenses.

Some of the feedback given:

‘…the feedback from your training was exceptional. Staff were so inspired they have gone away and done more reading. More please’

‘Kathryn gave a presentation at the event in January and we were so impressed we asked her to come and do something similar with the admin team.’

‘Better than I could have imagined and initially I was sceptical about attending but definitely feel it was needed and used and worked.’

‘The training exceeded my expectations.  I thought that it might skim the surface and not get to the nitty gritty of what happens. Instead the course directly addressed the difficulties that we have found as a staff team and helped us to work together to find a way forward.’