Training for organisations

My aim is for my training to be practical, beneficial and relevant to your organisation so I will tailor it for your needs. It is a conversation, a collaboration, where I bring what I know & we adapt that to what suits what you do & know. Training isn’t helpful if you do not leave knowing how to apply it; I love delving into the real life dilemmas & situations we work, with as well as how that affects us.

It is my job to make the training inspiring and fun, as well as educational, so just like in all I do I have trained & learnt how to deliver in the most effective way. Boring training benefits no-one.

I currently deliver workshops in:

  • Introduction to Trauma Informed Care (follow link for more info)
  • Trauma Informed Leadership
  • Doing your best without burning out
  • Safer Relationships
  • Dealing with people we find difficult
  • Helping people grow & excel in their role
  • ..happy to adapt & blend them to suit you

Please see some old videos to get an example of how I work to see if I am right for you. (or see below)

My preferred method is:

  • Focus on burnout with individuals but also within the culture as when people are burnt out everyone suffers & you will struggle with change.
  • Get a vision of your service as TI so you know what to aim for (this is basic goal setting but often not done)
  • Focus on understanding safe relationships & applying to yourselves, colleagues & clients.

Here’s a 6min video explaining this further


As a guide price: Full day £650/ Half day £350, plus expenses if outside Leeds.

I also offer an hourly rate for recurring bookings, eg reflective practise.

Cancellation policy – if less than 7 days notice pay half fee, if less than 2 pay full fee

I want this to be accessible to everyone so I do have a sliding scale & am happy to discuss.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

10% of any fee with go to charity, I can discuss with you if you have any preference to which

Some of the feedback given:

‘…the feedback from your training was exceptional. Staff were so inspired they have gone away and done more reading. More please’

‘Kathryn gave a presentation at the event in January and we were so impressed we asked her to come and do something similar with the admin team.’

‘Better than I could have imagined and initially I was sceptical about attending but definitely feel it was needed and used and worked.’

‘The training exceeded my expectations.  I thought that it might skim the surface and not get to the nitty gritty of what happens. Instead the course directly addressed the difficulties that we have found as a staff team and helped us to work together to find a way forward.’