Peace no matter what.
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This is some of the stuff I have found useful, and life changing. I have just written an 8 week course in Emotional Intelligence that condenses all of this; EI has been proven as the difference that makes a difference if you see what I mean. This is an even bigger indicator of success, happiness, health etc than genes and even IQ. And it can be improved.
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This year
Stress & negative thinking - seems to be the most common issue. Also see my newsletter articles

Stress (2009)

10mins a day to happiness (2009)

Instant Relaxation (2007)

How to stop worrying (2007)

Self-sabotage (2007)
Guides - longer articles
Peace in a financial crisis (2009)

How to create a life you love (2005)

Confidence (2005)
Highly Sensitive People - this is me and so often people think there is something wrong when really they are just HSP

Living as a HSP (2009)

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Miscellaneous stuff - anything else that doesn't fit in the above, eg.

Life Lessons from The Dog Whisperer (2009)

Uncover your dream (2007)

Follow your dream (2007)
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