Peace no matter what.
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About me

First for the boring bit - after doing a degree in Land Management I retrained as a radio engineer, and then finally worked out what I wanted to do and retrained again in NLP Psychotherapy. Since then I have added to it by studying many different approaches, eastern wisdom and scientific studies. These include CBT, EFT, Brief Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neurology, Buddhism and much more. Whilst I was doing this I was blessed with being able to work with some magnificent people in various arenas - business, mental health, community development, excluded teenagers, criminal justice system, bereaved children but mostly in drug and alcohol projects. I also run private training courses and see clients individually.

Now for the fun part....although my training began as a way to better help others most of my learning has been through working on myself. I have studied people who seem to be able to feel peace no matter what and became fascinated with this. I look at this from all angles - psychologically, spiritually, physically and scientifically, and then see how it can best (and practically) fit into everyday life. And then find ways to pass it on, although my first job is always convincing people this is not only possible but worth working towards. This has become my passion.

All the info I share on this site is a result of following that passion, and I am blessed that I can pursue it almost full-time due to the work I do. I can also test out my findings on the willing guinea pigs I work with (and the not so willing, lol)

My approach is very practical and down to earth - I love finding ways to make what I learn user friendly and applicable where ever you are in life, without scaring people with woo woo language or asking people to give anything up. It should be fun, and make life easier. There are so many things out there you can learn that will transform your life to that of your dreams, simple little things that I still don't understand why we aren't taught in school. But it is out there for those who look... and I have been investigating for you.

Currently I am running an Alcohol Project for a charity that houses homeless people, and my clients are teaching me so much, and it is so much fun too.

If you are interested in booking me for talks, courses or for an individual session please contact me via or call 07748 351758. (current charge of £55 phr)